Churchill Woos the AP

The latest interview by Dan Elliott of the Associated Press with Ward Churchill shows just how much this organization is out to touch with mainstream America and common decency:

In a two-hour interview with The Associated Press, Churchill, 57, said he won’t back down as the school investigates him to see if he can be fired. But he wearily acknowledged the uproar now dominates his life and makes it difficult to focus on his job as a tenured professor of ethnic studies.

“I’m struggling desperately to be able to deliver to my students what they signed up for,” Churchill said, slumped in a chair and chain-smoking Pall Malls. “All of my time is devoted to responding to gratuitous (expletive). Every day there’s a new idiocy.”

The latest charges are that Churchill plagiarized others’ work and threatened physical violence against critics. He denies both claims, though he said he did threaten to sue a woman he said was harassing his family and spreading lies.

Churchill has many critics, some on his own campus. Law professor Paul Campos said Churchill’s writings are unfair and unbalanced, and there is evidence he has plagiarized and fabricated material.

“That goes beyond being an ideological hack and having no balance or nuance or intelligence in your work,” Campos said. “It goes into the realm of academic fraud, which is a firing offense.”

Churchill said his critics have mangled the facts in their rush to condemn him.

He said the inquiry is not merely an investigation of his work but a pretext for a broader campaign to discourage critical thinking and reduce higher education to “an advanced vo-tech” where students are taught skills useful to corporations.

Boy, I get tired of opinion pieces from the AP. This reporter has such a pro-Churchillian bias. Like Noam Chomsky who is quoted in the article, you can just tell that this Dan Elliott from the AP is drinking Churchill’s Kool Aid. He just does not get that putting the blame on working civilians for 9-11 is not only ridiculous but repulsive to most Americans.

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