Assad Update

The Lebanese Foundation for Peace is expanding on a story they posted earlier on a Coup d’ Etat in Syria with more information on President Assad’s “move” to western Syria. (I am hoping that the “Voice of the Middle East” Athena gets the latest out on this story.) If it is not true, why is the LFP sticking with and expanding their story? (Oh Lord, I am not sounding like a raving moonbat on a “Rovian Conspiracy Tangent”, am I? Lord I hope not!) Until then I guess all there is to do is wait and see if the Baathist-President-Ophthalmologist makes a public appearance.

Update: (8:30 PM) The hard working, Athena, Blogger-Goddess at Terrorism Unveiled, is getting the scoop on this from her contacts in the Middle East. She posted earlier about how fragile the situation is in Syria right now. Sounds like she is right on. It does not appear that this original story has any teeth but it would hardly be a surprise. There has been talk for a long time now that Assad the younger does not have the “stuff” like his father did.

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