Another UN Fable brought to you by the BBC

The UN is claiming according to the BBC that the US is high in child poverty rates. In fact the US is highest among industrialized countries and this of course is because the other countries have better socialist programs:

The US has one of the highest rates of relative child poverty among the world’s wealthiest countries, according to a report by the UN.
The US, which is second only to Mexico in the UN children’s agency report, is nonetheless one of few countries to see a recent decline in child poverty…

…Children in Nordic countries are best off, due to higher social spending.


Child poverty is no laughing matter but lets get real here! The UN and BBC would like you to think that one of every four children here in the US are worse off than in Hungary or Poland? This is outrageous! The Poles and Hungarians would love to have the wealth that we are blessed with in this country. Later in the article in paragraph twelve the BBC reports that:

Unicef regional director Philip O’Brien stressed that the figures were relative to the average household income of the countries involved, rather than their national wealth.

“The child living in poverty in the US is clearly not as badly off as the child in Mexico,” he said.

Well, yeah! What a line of bunk! And, of course if the US were more socialist like the wonderful stagnant socialist nordic countries then our children would have it so much better:

Top of the table are Denmark and Finland, where child poverty levels are less than 3%, while Norway and Sweden follow close behind.

Unicef praised the Nordic nations for their social spending on families.

“Higher government spending on family and social benefits is very clearly associated with a lower level of child poverty,” said Mr O’Brien.

He said market forces could not on their own lift children out of poverty and urged direct intervention through greater government spending.

So, do you suppose this is another push for the “country tax” that the UN delegate from Scandinavia was talking about during the tsunami disaster?

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