"An Honest Man in a Corrupt Circle"

Back to St. Louis news for a minute…

The East St. Louis voter fraud case is back in the news today:

The chief federal witness in the East St. Louis vote fraud investigation said Monday that he had worked his way into the political fabric of the city so that he could turn over information to the FBI that would lead to corruption charges.


Deputy Police Chief Rudy McIntosh said he had no regrets about aiding the FBI even though the agency told him that he and his family would be at risk. He said the investigation that has led to the indictment of five so far would result in several more arrests.

Since his cooperation with the FBI became public he has been implicated in a 1979 murder case at a skating rink. He has been on paid leave from the East St. Louis police force during the investigation.

“They let an honest man into a corrupt circle,” McIntosh said, referring to some in the city’s powerful Democratic Central Committee. “That was the biggest mistake they could make.”

There was no word on how the fraud cases are progressing.

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