Al-Hilla Residents Protest Jordan

You don’t hear stories like this very often and certainly not in the Arab news. Today Al-Hilla residents went and protested at the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad:

Crowds gathered outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad on Sunday shouting: “No, no to Jordan, close your embassy, we do not want to see you here.”

They urged the government to file charges against the family of Raed al-Banna, who the Iraqi media says carried out a car bombing on 28 February that killed at least 118 people and wounded scores more.


They also demanded compensation for victims from Amman, which rejected the accusations against it and insisted it condemned the al-Hilla bombing, the worst single attack in Iraq since the US-led invasion in March 2003.

According to media reports, al-Banna’s family organised a funeral for him during which he was a hailed as “a martyr”.

Update: The “Mediterannean Blogger Goddess” ‘Athena’, has linked to this post on her amazing site. ‘Athena’ is one of the loudest voices coming from the Middle East.

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