Abuse of the Camel Jockey


The Saudi Institute reports about the abuse of the young camel jockeys:

Children as young as six years old are racing camels for the pleasure of members of ruling families in Saudi Arabia and Gulf States at the Saudi annual National Culture and Heritage Festival.


An unknown number of children have been killed, injured and abused in the past 20 years in this annual Jenadriyah Festival and many other races, largely controlled by members of the ruling family of Al-Saud and other rich Saudis.

The children who are mostly black Africans race camels owned by members of ruling families without any safety equipments. The camel jockeys do not wear helmets and protective gear while racing the 6 feet high camels speeding more than 40 miles/hour.

According to the Saudi Washington Embassy website Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah presented the prizes for the customary grand camel race. Abdullah has been promoted as a reformer by a $100 million sleek public relation campaign that in the US and the UK.

I can’t add anything to this that would not be disrepectful or in poor taste to the plight of the young camel riders.
Hi-Ho-Sandbiscuit! Away!
(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

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