A "Publius" Honor

When I was a boy, my mother bought my brothers and I each a copy of Good News for Modern Man which was a Bible version that was easy to read. I read the whole thing from cover to cover. What a gift to have a religious mother!… Today, good news just keeps on spreading all over the world. Yes, there is hardship, war, poverty, etc. but the MSM just refuses to recognize the historic levels of protest for democracy that we are witnessing in every direction we turn. Not so with Publius Pundit. This group blog has done more to spread the good news, the frightening news, the democracy news that you are missing from the MSM than anyone. Today I saw that Robert Mayer from Publius Pundit put up his “Top 20 Bloggers” list and ‘Gateway Pundit’ came in at #6! I am awed and humbled by the listing, Robert. My deepest appreciation!

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