25 Questions

25 Questions from the Terri Shiavo experience:

1.) Will you have a discussion with your child about your child’s wishes if they were to become incapacitated?
2.) Will you include their spouse?
3.) Will you have this discussion with your child and fiancé if they wish to marry?
4.) How do you explain to a young child how the starvation death of Terri Shiavo is a good thing?
5.) At what level of brain activity is a person allowed to be starved to death?
6.) Would you starve a chicken if it appeared brain dead?
7.) Would you deny a chicken with apparent brain damage a drink of water for 10 days or less until death?
8.) Would you give the brain damaged chicken a quick death instead?
9.) Why would you not, then, give a human being a quick death rather than starve them to death?
10.) When does a soul leave body?
11.) How should a society handle its late stage Alzheimer’s patients?
12.) How should autistic or severely mentally challenged children be treated for the societies good?
13.) If a mentally handicapped child does not make progress, what should a society do with them?
14.) Do severely mentally handicapped children have souls?
15.) How many children with another woman can a man have before his marriage with his first brain dead wife is annulled?
16.) When did the judicial branch become the dominant government branch?
17.) How long will the government remain with the judicial branch as the dominant branch?
18.) What will happen before the judicial branch will not remain the dominant government branch?
19.) What amount of ethical training is required yearly for judges?
20.) Is this training based on the “international model”?
21.) Is this training based on any religious model? (oops, my bad!)
22.) Will the “nuclear” or “constitutional” option be used in the Senate this year?
23.) Would you allow your daughter to marry Michael Shiavo?
24.) When people discuss family values in regards to the Shiavo case are they talking about:
– Terri and Michael Shiavo
– The Schindler family
– Michael Shiavo, his girlfriend of many years, and their children?
25.) At what point does a country lose its soul?

Update: (Easter Morning) Michelle Malkin has a beautiful discussion of some of those who are outside Terri Shiavo’s hospice. This story and this one are very touching.

Update 2: (Easter morning a bit later) Dale P. has written a wonderful passage in the comments section of this post. Thank you, Dale P.!

Update 3: (Easter Noon) Terri Schiavo’s parents asked supporters to return home to spend Easter Sunday with their families as the couple’s severely brain-damaged daughter went a ninth day without food or water.

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