Will the Lib's Lose the 'West Wing', Too?

The hit TV show “West Wing” is undecided on who will play their next president:

John Wells insists that real-life politics has little bearing on the outcome of the fictional White House race now unfolding on the Emmy-winning NBC series between candidates played by former “M*A*S*H” star Alan Alda (the Republican) and “NYPD Blue” veteran Jimmy Smits (the Democrat)…

(But if Alda wins, you can be assured that the producers will do their best to portray a more Hitlerian character.)


Both characters are endowed with a manifest integrity and thoughtfulness widely seen as rare inside the Beltway — on either side of the aisle — in keeping with “The West Wing’s” enduring appeal as a show about wish fulfillment…

(Funny how the libs still think everyone is like Bill Clinton!)

The show hit the peak of its popularity in its third season, ranking No. 9 among all prime-time series with 17 million viewers a week. It currently averages 11.8 million viewers, dropping to 33rd…

(Not a surprise. Advise- If they want to increase the ratings they should put Alda in office. Since the producers are incapable of pulling their heads out of their liberal fantasyland it should increase viewership by all of the bloggers and viewers who write in nasty emails each week. It also may win “Best Comedy” instead of “Best Drama” at the Emmy’s.)

…Wells said viewers should not assume that the Democratic affiliation of the show’s current administration — and all of its central characters — has preordained a victory for Smits. Nor should they think that the current conservative climate in Washington necessarily spells a TV mandate for Alda.

(That really pisses me off! Wait… did I just see a liberal admit to the current Republican mandate in Washington? )

He noted that while Republicans now control the White House and both houses of Congress, public opinion polls show Americans “are mostly in the middle” on key issues that divide the two major parties.

(Something the partial birth aborting, weak on defense, tax raising, atheistic liberals are having a hard time with.)

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