What did you do?

David Horowitz from Front Page Magazine sums up the atrocities we have witnessed since the War in Iraq started:

This “anti-war” movement has not contributed any effort to the winning of the war on which the freedom of 18 million Iraqis hangs, and on which the very lives of thousands and tens of thousands of future terrorist victims in Iraq and all over the world may be said to depend. In the war between terror and democracy in Iraq, the political left — including the entire left wing of the Democratic Party, whose leaders are Kennedy, Carter, Dean and Gore, and the entire left-wing media, whose leaders are The New York Times and the network news — have put their weight on the scales of the other side. Never in the history of this country has so great a segment of its population so defected from its national mission. When their children ask “What did you do in the war, Daddy and Mommy?” what will they say?

…No, I wasn’t talking about getting naked and having women’s underwear put on your head!

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