This Gift of Freedom

I have no doubts that the great sufferings of the Iraqis today will help build that firm foundation of freedom for tomorrow. For this gift of freedom was not handed to them on a silver platter. Rather, like the other great democracies their struggle for freedom has seen some very dark and hopeless days. May these people be blessed with prosperity and peace…

This man, Mithal Al-Alusi, an Iraqi politician and the head of the “Hizb Al-Umma Al-Iraqiya” or the (Iraqi Nation Party) survived an assassination attempt when a group of terrorists attacked him in front of his house. However, his two young sons and his guard were killed in the attack. From Iraq the Model:

Again, the ghosts of death are going out. They are ready to kill a person, ready to kill the peace, ready to kill the victory of Iraqis and their right to life. Again, henchmen of the Ba’ath [Party] and dirty terrorist gangs, Al-Qaeda and others, are going out convinced that they can determine life and death as they desire. Iraq will not die.


My children, three people [in all] — one of my bodyguards and two of my children — died as heroes, no differently from other people who find their heroic deaths. But we will not, [I swear] by God, hand Iraq over to murderers and terrorists.

We will pave the road for peace. If [the attackers] thought that by attempting to kill Mithal al-Alusi, the advocates of peace in Iraq will be stopped, then they have made a grave mistake. We will be calling for peace. We will be calling for peace with all neighboring countries [of Iraq]. We will be calling for peace with all countries of the region. And we will be calling for fighting terrorism by any means [and] against all forms [of terror].

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