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What About the Piercings?

Dennis Rodman is the first man and the first sports star to pose for PETA’s anti-fur campaign. “Think Ink, Not Mink,” says the ad featuring a tattoo-covered Rodman. The ad was timed to coincide with fashion week in New York City. So does this mean that PETA is advocating tatooing and piercing your dog or cat?

Dennis Prager at Front Page Magazine explains that while we see a rise in groups like PETA in our society that as Judeo-Christian values decline we see a corresponding devaluing of human life:


The rise in secular values provide no basis for elevating human worth over that of an animal. Judeo-Christian values posit that human beings, not animals, are created in God’s image and, therefore, human life is infinitely more sacred than animal life.

And… Belief in human-animal equivalence inevitably follows the death of Judeo-Christian values, and it serves not so much to elevate animal worth as to reduce human worth. Those who oppose vivisection and believe it is immoral to kill animals for any reason, including eating, should reflect on this: While there are strong links between cruelty to animals and cruelty to humans, there are no links between kindness to animals and kindness to humans. Kindness to animals has no effect on a person’s treatment of people. The Nazis, the cruelest group in modern history, were also the most pro-animal rights group prior to the contemporary period. They outlawed experimentation on animals and made legal experimentation on human beings.

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