The Syrian Terrorist Factory

From Left- Captured Egyptian, Syrian and Sudani Terrorists

Iraq the Model and Hammoradi are reporting on the terrorist situation in Iraq this week. Hammoradi in particular has a report on a group of terrorists that were captured including:

Adam Doma (42 years) from Sudan confessed that he received training in Syria under the supervision of Syrian Intelligence officers. He confessed that he beheaded 10 Iraqi civilians by his own hands so as he was given a leadership activity as Amer. He studied (Sunni Shariah) and lived in Iraq for 15 years! He confessed that he is a Syrian Intelligent agent. He was responsible for many terrorist activities including beheadings and recruiting Arabs in Syria and Iraq.

Some members of his network were also arrested including a terrorist from Egypt who decapitated at least 6 Iraqis and was responsible for attacks against Shiite sites and a terrorist group called the Net of Palestine responsible for attacks against Shiite mosques.

Anis Al-Essa is a Syrian who works as an officer in the Syrian Intelligence Security. He was arrested with Doma and after 3 weeks pretending as deaf and dumb he collapsed and confessed about his role and his job with SIS.

What kind of interrogation techniques do you suppose were used to extract this confession?

Other terrorists who were arrested confessed that they received different kinds of training by the Syrian Intelligence Security and forces in Lathikiyah in Syria. Once they pass the courses the SIS facilitate their entry to Iraq from at least three points in Mosel and Ramadi. They then keep communication with SIS via tech and human communicative ways.

The confessions were video recorded and copies were sent via the Iraqi PM to the UN as well as to the Syrian government according to news sources.

These are some ruthless characters were talking about here! Could this explain Kofi’s warnings to Syria this week?… Not that a threat by the UN is going to alter the terrorist’s actions or sway them from their “cause” in any way.

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