Targeting the Innocent

Abdul Hussein Khazaal

Even after the populace gave them a resounding “No Faith” vote in the highly successful elections, the terrorists in Iraq continue to reek havoc on the innocent people. The “changing hearts and minds one terrorist attack at a time” did not help them before the elections and it won’t help them after the elections, either. Especially when they are targeting cameramen and their children

Masked gunmen killed an Al-Hurra television correspondent and his 3-year-old son on Wednesday in the southern city of Basra, an Iraqi army official said.


The gunmen sprayed journalist Abdul Hussein Khazaal with bullets in the al-Maaqal neighborhood as he stood outside his house, the official said. Khazaal was standing near a car at the time, waiting for bodyguards to retrieve something inside the house.

Khazaal’s wounded son later died in a hospital.

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