Shamed to Silence

It took the good Georgian Jimmah Carter 10 days to regain composure after the historic Iraq Elections. But, alas, to his great disappointment the situation in Iraq is not another Vietnam as he predicted. The elections were a great success despite the continued “failure banter” he rattled off ad nauseum this past year. From The Washington Times and Front Page:

Last year, in venues ranging from CNN to National Public Radio, Mr. Carter predicted that Iraq would not be ready for a January election, compared the situation there to the Vietnam War and implied that “the control of oil” was a major reason for the U.S. military presence in Iraq.
“I personally do not believe we will be ready for an election in January,” Mr. Carter told Katie Couric Sept. 30 on NBC’s “Today” show.
The United States, he said, should “go through the election and then withdraw American troops as rapidly as possible. … Get us out of there.”
As recently as three weeks ago, Mr. Carter predicted low turnout and an unrepresentative result for the Iraq election…

… On Wednesday, even while lauding the Iraqi elections, Mr. Carter reiterated concerns about Shi’ite domination, telling CNN that “the Sunnis almost refused to participate and played a very small role in the most troubled and I’ll say violent areas of Iraq.”
He added: “Now the question is, will this be a Shi’ite-dominated religious organization formed as the next government, or will it be a democratic secular one? And will there be some way to encourage the Sunnis to come back in and participate?”

Move them Goal Posts, Jimmah! Move ‘Em!

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