Same Party, Same Principles, Different Day

Today Jeff Gannon resigned from Talon News. Jeff wrote for the Talon news service and was occasionally cleared to participate in White House press briefings. He apparently is a conservative, and on some occasions he asked questions with a twist that was friendly to the administration.

The “scandal” that has erupted over the past few days according to Powerline involves the following elements: 1) “Jeff Gannon” isn’t his real name; it’s James Guckert; 2) Guckert is alleged to be a homosexual (Markos Moulitsos of the Daily Kos has made a big deal out of this); and 3) several gay porn sites are registered in Guckert’s name.

So what we have is another example of the democrat modus operandi. It goes like this. The Democrats welcome all miorities as long as you:

– believe always that you are a victim

– never stray from the party

– if you do stray you can be assured that you will be attacked as an Aunt Jemima, Uncle Tom, or stupid. Or you will be outed from the closet and all of your private history will be dug up and splashed across the news waves.


Another dark day for the party of decline.

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