Rev. Al Still Preaching

The Reverand Al Sharpton is still out there preaching but this time it’s against KFC and its treatment of chickens. With all of the great success that blacks are enjoying in our society right now the Rev. still is stuck back in his blame game. Here are some interesting stats from the Rev Al article on Front Page Magazine:

So never mind about the inner city 50 percent high school dropout rate. Or that nearly one in three young black males has a criminal record. Or that nearly 70 percent of today’s black children are born outside of wedlock.

Blaming racism for everything and anything solves nothing. Since Reverend Sharpton appears to be on a mission to find new things to do, here are a few suggestions. Push for an end to the so-called war on drugs; support vouchers for inner city parents; stop knee-jerk accusations against the local police who remain the community’s defense against neighborhood thugs; support Social Security reform with private savings accounts (disproportionately benefiting blacks because of shorter life expectancy); and emphasize hard work, responsibility and accountability.


It’s time for a new great black leader in this country. Let’s hope that someone soon fills that seat.

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