Results and Reaction

The Iraqi Election Results are in and the best review comes again from the inside. Iraq the Model always on top of the story, relays…

The ballot and the box have won and the purple fingers garnished the beautiful picture.

The high turnout in circumstances that were considered to be the most dangerous was like a candle that leads the road for the rest of freedom seeking people and gave lesson in courage and determination and reminds even those who lived their whole lives in democracies about the bravery of their founding fathers who struggled and sacrificed for the sake of their children’s future and prosperity.


The winners are in front of a historic responsibility of drawing the future of Iraq and defining its new identity. Their load is heavy but the most important thing is that the people back them and back the writing of the permanent constitution…

…The world will remember the number “7461”; these were the candidates who didn’t submit for blackmailing and decided to take the responsibility despite the threats and the dangers.
If small parties like ours haven’t participated, the elections wouldn’t have succeeded the way it did.

I see that we didn’t lose at all, on the contrary, we won and the only loser is terror and its dictators allies.

We will always have the chance to participate again and our voice will always be heard and we will not give up on what we started.

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