Remembering Abd al Amir

…Grandmas, being pulled on carts, mothers holding babies, old and young men on crutches, a man, who during the trek, had his face shot but went anyhow, the young Iraqi who had known nothing but Saddam’s atrocities and only having heard stories that something decent could be had – a dream that was theirs to have IF they risked the trek. They walked – openly, listening to the sounds of war in the distance, waiting for the bullet that would try to stop them, but they walked anyhow.

Then, watching this, and seeing with our own eyes, something historical = but more, a miracle was marching. People from the world over, saw these people finally give rise to that voice in them that President Bush knew was there – they wanted Freedom, finally, and they would die for it.

The long awaited soldiers and security of Iraq that seemed to have been elusive, came together for they now had something to fight for that was theirs and theirs alone, just as our own soldiers knew what was ours – freedom, to fight and die for. Amongst them, was one Police Constable Abd al Amir. Another Iraqi, but not just a man. He was a man who believed in his people and their future. He was killed in the line of duty at the Khalil bin Walid Polling Center in the Yarmuk section of Baghdad. Abd al Amir identified a suspicious man wearing an explosives belt, and immediately tackled him, shielding the lines of voters with his body, and dying instantly when the terrorist detonated his belt. His name should be remembered – Abd al Amir – he is now one of their true heroes. He knew before he died what it was about. In the dying, he cast before them the gaunlet of freedom to pickup and carry. And – carry it they did. Millions strong.

Hat tip to Dale for this incredible story!

Update: (2/2/05)Iraq the Model is reporting on a similar story…

What a huge difference there is between those who kidnap and use the mentally handicapped to perform their murders in cold blood and between the brave Iraqis who sacrificed their lives to protect their brethren. one story that is famous now in Iraq is about one brave Iraqi (A’adel Nasir) who saw a suspicious looking guy walking around a polling center in (Al- Hurriyah) district and soon the brave man realized that the suspicious guy was trying to commit a suicide attack; he ran towards him, wrestled him and knocked him down causing the bomb carried by the terrorist to explode, sacrificing his own life and saving the lives of the people standing in line at the gate of the voting center. It turned out later that the terrorist carried a Sudanese id.

Now, the school that hosted the voting center on the 30th carries the name of A’adel Nasir, as the Iraqi minister of education announced today.

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