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More Light on Lebanon

As usual Chrenkoff is up on the latest…
In Beirut, Lebanon a small tent city has popped up in Martyrs Square. And, the Christians which used to hold a majority and still are 40% of the population, are came together with the Druse and Sunnis for the biggest Anti-Syrian demonstration in the Lebanese history. It’s an exciting time to be a Bush Doctrine supporter. Now, Syria says it will withdraw its troops as it had promised in the Taif Agreement…

Syria, which sent its army into Lebanon in 1976 amid a civil war, has for many years pledged to implement that Taif agreement that ended the 1975-90 conflict. Its troops once numbered 35,000, and it has redeployed them several times since 2000. But a withdrawal to the eastern Bekaa Valley near the border that was scheduled for the early 1990s, and an eventual total pullout — both parts of the Taif Accord — were never implemented.

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