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Sometimes the St. Louis Post Dispatch is so annoying liberal it just outdoes itself. Just when you think that they could not get any lower, they do. In todays edition they use one of their mos famous of tricks in headlining a story on the fromt page that as you read the story is not a story. But, of course it goes against the current administration so they will want you to think that it is a story. Here’s todays obnoxcous screed titled…

Some in military just say no to Iraq service

The story starts out talking about three different cases of desertion in the armed forces. Then goes on…


Between 5,000 and 6,000 U.S. military personnel are listed as deserters by the armed services, typically meaning they have been absent without leave from their unit for more than 30 days.

(as if this is rampant)

Not all who desert do so to avoid combat, and the overwhelming majority end up back in the hands of the military, where they can face discipline ranging from loss of pay to prison time.

“Most Americans are serving their country admirably and honorably,” said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Bryan Hilferty. “On average, the number of soldiers who desert is less than 1 percent, and the vast majority of soldiers who do desert do so because they have committed some criminal act and are on the lam, not for political or conscientious objector purposes.”

But as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue, counselors, anti-war activists and others who work with military families report a surge in calls from soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines seeking help to withdraw from the service.

A growing number of soldiers and Marines in the all-volunteer force are seeking to be declared conscientious objectors. Applications rose to 92 in 2003 from 31 in 2002. Of the 92, 77 were approved.

92 out of the 150,000 that are currently serving in just Iraq alone does not make an epidemic as the Post-Dispatch would like you to think!

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