Post Dispatch Watch #6

The PD is at it again. Generally, you can tell an articlce is going to be a good ol’ Bush-bash just from it’s headline. This one is no different:

“Cuts May leave Some out in the Cold”

With the new national budget the heating program is going to lose some federal funding 4.4%. Not a large number but certainly large enough to write a good Bush-bash column. Of course in the socialist eyes of the Post Dispatch, this is the reponsibility of society and not the individual. In the last part of the article you hear that this year the funding was raised to near record levels and that only helped 17% of those in need. So, is the PD saying that we need to increase funding 83%? Also, it is not mentioned that the gas company does not cut off service during cold spells. But, why should the PD bother with details? Roll it!

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