Post-Dispatch Watch #2

Here is the latest article demonstrating the liberal bias of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. The latest one-sided story by Michele Munz is about the Missouri budget cuts to Medicaid and how a group of clergy (since when is the community organization ACORN equated to clergy?) is reacting, going as far as saying…

“What’s happening in this state as far as the proposed budget cuts is nothing short of sinful,” said ACORN’s president, the Rev. Ken McKoy.

But as you read down further in the article you are made aware that…


On average, states spent 21.9 percent of their total budgets on Medicaid last year, a recent study has found. Missouri came in at 30.7 percent, second only to Tennessee.

But being the second leading spender is not enough for the Post Dispatch or for ACORN… just another example of the typical ultra-liberal reporting of the PD.

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