Perle's Wisdom

It was a busy week for conservative Richard Perle. First he had a shoe thrown at him during his debate with Howard Dean on the Left Coast. But worse than that was having to listen to Dean and the immature audience reactions to the event. But, that was just one stop for Mr. Perle as he was off to Europe to talk with a conservative German daily about the current President Bush and how history will judge the events of the last year:

We’ll look back and see the liberation of Iraq and the establishment of a freely elected government that respects human rights as a turning point in history. Today’s German and French position reminds me of their attitude toward Ronald Reagan’s policies to end the Cold War. They were terribly short sighted and lost sight of the big picture. The French and Germans were above all, as we said, appalled. History has proven them wrong then and will do it again. Their underestimating Bush and hostility toward is as wrong today as their attitude toward Reagan was wrong then…

Granted… Richard is no darling of the liberals!

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