More "Horsie Business" on the East Side

Remember ‘Hoseshoe Lake’ in southern Illinois across the river from St. Louis? It’s the park where Kelvin Ellis, under investigation for voter fraud and indicted for attempted murder, was told that the woman he wanted dead was “dropped off” at? Well, “Horseshoe” is in the news again…

The former site manager at Horseshoe Lake State Park contends he was fired after 10 years on the job for political reasons.

Ray Coleman alleges that former St. Clair County Democratic heavyweight Sam Flood abused his authority and had him placed on a state layoff list because Coleman supported Republican Steve Reeb in the last election…


Coleman was laid off Jan. 14 from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He wants the state inspector general’s office to investigate why.

…he alleges that Flood got his son, Scott Flood, at least three jobs within the DNR that Coleman either had or wanted.

Scott Flood also was given the job of regional land manager on March 29, which made him Coleman’s boss while he was at Horseshoe. He later was given the job of site manager at the Washington County Conservation area…

…Riley Owens, a former mayor of Centreville, criticized Coleman’s layoff, calling it the “worse case of patronage” he had ever seen.

“This is America, not a Third World country. An individual should be able to say what he wants to say and support whomever he wants to support without having to worry about losing his job. It’s obvious this happened because he supported Steve Reeb,” Owens said.

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