Kerry Out of Touch

An article from US News and World Report shows just how out of touch with voters (and reality) John Kerry really is:

John Kerry believes. “The naysayers are completely out to lunch; they don’t know what they are talking about,” a vehement Kerry told U.S. News. “On every issue that speaks to the qualities of people’s lives, we won and will continue to win….”

To Kerry, the party did the right thing in 2004 and is doing the right thing now, and he lost his race to George W. Bush for one reason only. “In effect, in a narrowly divided country, it came down to 9/11,” he says. “That is unique and unprecedented. We did an extraordinary job. And it augurs well for the future.” In other words, since George W. Bush was re-elected to the presidency because of the September 11 terrorist attacks, and since George Bush cannot run again, this benefits the Democrats who run in 2008–including John Kerry. “I think that our party tapped very significantly into people’s vision for the future,” he says. “The Republicans didn’t have a vision for the future. They are the ones that ought to be worrying.”

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