Dean Takes the Reins

Look for a truly wild ride as the man who once wanted to be the candidate of “pick up truck drivers with Confederate Flags in the window” takes over as head of the DNC.


In his first rousing speech he tried to maintain control of temperament but couldn’t quite keep that tiger in the tin…


In his acceptance speech, Dean said Democrats “cannot win if all we are is against the current president and his administration.” But moments later, he lashed out against the budget proposed by the White House, saying: “It brings Enron-style accounting to the nation’s capital and it demonstrates once again what Americans, all Americans, are now beginning to see–you cannot trust Republicans with your money.

Well, Howard, here’s news for you… Republicans don’t want your money! That’s the difference between the two parties. The Republicans keep people in charge of their own money. Democrats, or socialists, want to take and manage it for you! So don’t you worry about the Republicans! It’s them little bougar Democrats that keep proposing to a new tax every third Friday that ya gotta watch like hawks! Gettem’ Howard, Gettem!

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