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Yesterday Little Green Footballs took notice of comments by Rep. Hinchey (D-NY) during a community forum meeting:

Rep. Hinchey launched into a barking moonbat conspiracy rant worthy of Democratic Underground, telling the audience he believed the fake CBS memos were planted by Karl Rove to discredit Dan Rather, and divert attention from President Bush’s “draft dodging.”

When our reader asked Hinchey if he had evidence for these charges, he first said, “Yes, I do,” but when asked a second time he admitted he did not.

Our reader pressed the issue, “Don’t you think it’s irresponsible to make charges like that?” Hinchey replied, “No, I don’t, I think it’s very important to make charges like that … I think it’s very important to combat this kind of activity in every way that you can, and I’m willing, as most people are not, to step forward in situations like this and take risks.”

And the crowd burst into applause and cheering.

Yesterday, also, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a large midwestern paper, reported on a “Peace” Rally at a hotel in downtown St. Louis:

…Peace activists from across the country descended Saturday on downtown St. Louis, setting aside their particular causes to weigh in on the best way for the United States to exit Iraq.

The three-day event, which continues through Monday at the Millennium Hotel, is billed by organizers as the largest representation of peace and justice groups ever assembled. On Saturday morning, 450 people had registered, representing groups from 36 states and Canada.

United for Peace and Justice, a New York-based anti-war coalition, was formed in October 2002 by various activists groups concerned about what was then a pending war in Iraq.

The coalition could not stop the war but now is working to find a successful way to end the occupation. The group hopes that after a series of workshops at the event here, it will have a set of priorities to guide the coalition toward a proposed solution. President George W. Bush has not set a timetable for a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops.

But what the Post Dispatch did not tell you was printed on Gateway Pundit where a totally different picture was revealed about the “peace” conference than what was reported in the Post Dispatch:

…conspiracy videos revealing the Bush ties with the Nazis, the CIA and Moussad Complicity with 9-11, and the CIA and the narcotics link. Another video that explains “Painful Deceptions” about how the towers could disintegrate in 10 seconds and why building 7 disintegrated. Photos of George Bush with a split head preaching war, “wanted” pictures of Bush…

Or you could join “End the Occupation” a US leftist campaign to end the Isreali “occupation” of Palestine. Or you could listen to a number of leftists including a mainstream actor, Danny Glover, or an ex-congressman and peace(?) activist, Tom Hayden, preach about the perils of another Bush administration after the world witnessed less than a month ago the hugely successful elections in Iraq.

Two different events, unrelated yet part of a larger pattern we are seeing in American Society. The mainstream news services reporting from places like New York City for years were able to pick and choose what the rest of America was going to see and hear. Effectively, these news services programmed the masses to think and believe as these few elitists would want. And, since at least the 1950’s these organizations could also color the news with their own slant or view on the stories that they did pick and choose to release.

That was yesterday. That was before blogs. Today, Little Green Footballs has the Hinchey story front and center and the rest of the blogs are taking notice. And, thanks to the lead of Powerline Blog and their writings on the Minneapolis Tribune, today the St. Louis Post Dispatch is not safe to write just anything on their pages without a rebuttal from at least one local blogger. This is happening all over the country. The elites can’t just expect their words to be blindly devoured by the masses.

Today politicians, actors, and newscasters can not just spew any liberal supernatural conspiracy theory without it being recorded and distributed to the masses by way of the blogs. Today the choice of news and the choice of stories is being decided by the people and fact checked by the people. The news will not just be spoon-fed from some office in lower Manhattan.

Although, the liberals still call the shots for most of America, their glass house is becoming more transparent. The elites know it and can feel it and need to take notice. The MSM can continue to ignore and see their ratings drop and their candidates continue to lose elections or they can change. This is a difficult task for a control hungry prideful bunch that is used to calling the shots. But, change is happening. It has even spread to other countries and to other cultures. Today, Iranians are one of the fastest growing groups of bloggers and Farsi one of the most used blogger languages. The power is being taken back by the people. Just like democracy in the mideast today, it can’t be stopped. The elitists abused it. And, now the people are taking it back.

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