Blacks and AIDS

Yesterday tragic news came out about HIV infection rate doubling among blacks in the US in the last ten years.:

“It’s incredibly disappointing,” said Terje Anderson, director of the National Association of People With AIDS. “We just have a burgeoning epidemic in the African American community that is not being dealt with effectively.”

So where is the leadership? Where is the outcry in the African-American community? The article continues with the typical leftist explanation:


Researchers and AIDS prevention advocates attributed the high rate among blacks to such factors as drug addiction, poverty and poor access to health care.

Huh? How about unprotected sex? I see that causing more new cases than anything! I realize that there are some intravenous needle cases but most are caused from unprotected sex. Unprotected sex causes AIDS. It is tragic that the black leadership does not come out and tell it like it is, that there may be a moral crisis going on, but Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the leaders of the NAACP continue to roll out the victim card when there is an epidemic going on that needs some real answers. Where is the Coz when you need him?

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