Trust in Media

From the looks of this latest Harris Poll the culture is ripe for dependable bloggers:

American attitudes toward the press, radio and television were much more negative than European attitudes. Specifically:

– A 62 to 22 percent (almost 3-to-1) majority of Americans did not trust “the press”; Europeans were split 47 to 46 percent.


– A modest 43 to 33 percent plurality of Americans were inclined to trust the radio; a larger than 2-to-1 majority (62% to 29%) of Europeans did so.

– A substantial 58 to 22 percent majority of Americans did not trust television; a 54 to 39 percent majority of Europeans did trust TV.

My, how times change! Back in the last century a CBS anchorman named Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in America. Today with the help of blogging, CBS and Dan Rather are drowning in scandal.

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