The Rathergate Felons

This article at Human Events is the best piece I have seen about the Rathergate Conspiracy. Pat Buchanan (yes, that Pat Buchanan, the one who has been painted as such a loony by the left) asks the tough open questions:

Who created the fake documents? Was it Bill Burkett alone? Who placed Col. Killian’s signature onto the counterfeits? How many people knew this hit on President Bush was going down? Did the DNC or Kerry campaign know, in advance, CBS was going to dump on Bush?

Why haven’t CBS or ex-Attorney General Richard Thornburgh called in the U.S. attorney’s office and turned over all evidence they have of this felony, designed to assassinate the character of the president and timed to effect his defeat in the election of 2004?


What other than a vendetta explains a five-year obsession by both Rather and Mapes with a story, the only result of which could be to injure President Bush? What else explains the Alamo defense of the Killian memos, when all America knew they were bogus? What else explains Rather’s insistence to this day the documents may be valid? What else explains CBS’ refusal to hand over the Bush-haters who did this? What else explains why Rather would denounce those who questioned the memos as political “partisans,” while laughably describing as an “unimpeachable” source the certifiable Bush-hating eccentric who gave CBS the memos?

So, is this where the story ends, with a bogus report by a biased news service? Will we ever see charges filed? Or will this kind of behavior become acceptable and even expected during future elections?… Time will tell.

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