The Moral Handicap

Looking at the two party system that we have in America it becomes increasingly clear that one party is burdened by a tremendous handicap. The Republican Party is contending against a foe with total disregard to morals and respect and the fact that Republicans battle with truth, respect and moral clarity allows the Democrats a clear advantage.

There is extensive data to support this theory but because of the “respect and morals” of the Republican Party (as a whole and as intentioned) this is suppressed by men and women of principle who do not believe in bad mouthing their opponents for fear of upsetting them and also because they were raised to treat others with respect.

Evidence of this moral neglect of the liberals is seen and broadcast daily across the American airwaves but with the bias and control of the mainstream media this was not apparent to the average American until the success of talk radio, Fox News (Rupert Murdoch really found himself a niche, huh? Brilliant fellow!) and finally the internet and blogoshere. The left has relinquished their control of the airwaves about as graciously as Saddam Hussein stuck to a UN agreement. This has not been easy for the left as it took a bite out of their mind control apparatus. Witnessing their election tally take a nose dive is not easy for a party that fancies itself with fine cigars and women in office suites.

Ann Coulter, a prophet of neo-conservatism, makes it clear with her ‘ten simple rules of engagement with liberalism” that as hard as it may be that you can not be nice to a liberal because they will stab you in the back every time. Having a general belief in goodness in people is no excuse. It is the same one that the liberal mistakenly makes when dealing with a murderous dictator. You just can’t give them an inch.

So stand your ground, neo and thoe-conservatives. Don’t back down becasue of a warped belief in the goodness of all people! For God’s sake pick up that Bible that you are supposed to know from cover to cover. It tells you in there! Quit being such mamby-pambies and open your eyes! You’re not dealing with a friend from Bible study. Damn it, your dealing with a lying liberal who will try to tell you that there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (tell that to the Kurds!), that they stand for women’s rights (tell that to the women of Iraq and Afghanistan that they were so willing to keep enslaved), that they support our troops (but hate everything that the troops have done to keep this country safe and free). The liberals haven’t quit fighting just because they lost the last round of elections. They think that that was just the first round and not the whole fight. They haven’t learned a thing from their sweeping loss in November. They’re still as fiesty as ever. Don’t give in to being nice. Don’t give them that handicap!

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