Surprise Party

The Democrats look at the Republicans as the “Surprise Party”. They are constantly surprised that the Republicans keep winning elections. The Republicans are just surprised that the Democrats are still a party. The democrat’s mouthpiece (mainstream media ) is doing its best of late to picture the Republicans as a collection of selfish individuals each with their own personal agenda held together by the thinnest of threads (where do they possibly get this?).

In the last month the media has tried it’s darnedest to play this off. They have unfairly quoted Arnold Schwarzenegger supposedly saying that Republicans need to move more to the left. What the media was really saying was “since we can’t beat you, you must become more like us”. Well, this makes a lot of sense if you are a Democrat that just lost the presidency, congressional seats and governorships (except for the one in Washington where the dead voters pulled out the win) even with a 10-15% handicap, but not if you are a Republican. (We are still waiting for the MSM to admit that they had taken Arnold’s words out of context.)

The media also made it sound like the “far right conservative church goers” were going to demand that the president return them favors. Or, in other words, the far right was going to demand the president act as if he is some kind of ousted Governor from California. It does not occur to the left that the church goers just liked his over all message. They may not have agreed on every Bush decision or position but were drawn to a majority of his conservative policy positions enough to vote for him. As an example of this, even the gays in Oklahoma voted 58% for Bush even with the Gay Marriage Amendment looming huge over the nation this year. This despite the only gays publicly supporting Bush were the Abe Lincoln Black Gay Republicans (based in Texas- a brave but small group!). The reality here is that conservatives are satisfied with the results, period. They don’t need the election perks that the other party expects.


The news this week is of another Bush-bashing book by former New Jersey Governor, Christine Todd Whitman, “It’s My Party Too– Taking back the Republican Party and Bringing the Country Together Again” (I thought that she said that she was a Republican?) This is coming out just in time for the inauguration! Good planning, Christine! The byline to her book is just too much, shameful really. Here we have a president during a time of war that is under direct fire every day not from the enemy he has kept overseas but from the enemy at home and in charge of the media outlets (see She is still suffering from that disease that Republicans tend to have when working or surrounded by hostile liberals (New Jersey) and is trying to be nice to them (if she were giving state security jobs to a gay lover this would work better). She really needs to read Ann Coulter’s new book “How to Talk with a Liberal If You Must” before she puts hers in print.

If you look at all of these accusations coming from the media (left) you see some serious projection going on. These accusations against Republicans are coming from a hodge podge of special interests groups that really could give a damn about one another but do seem to bond in there general hatred for church going, gun toting, capitalist pro-lifers. I mean, who are the democrats really? If you google a number of different liberal causes you’ll get a number of different liberal groups. If you look up the “percent of democrats for the war” you’ll be sent to a socialist site. If you look up “gay marriage support” you’ll come to an atheist/agnostic site. You start seeing these special interests groups rear their little heads. The real political story is how well the democrats keep this motley crew together. And, of course it now makes sense why they nominated a professional flip flopper. They needed someone like that to represent all of their sides. He proved how he was their perfect candidate when he so eloquently debated and went from supporting to not supporting the War in Iraq in all of 90 minutes. That way he pleased half of the democrats before he pleasied the other half of the democrats. Even on the most important democrat oath of abortion on demand, the party spokesman has to be careful since 43% of democrats think of abortion as manslaughter.

So, the next time Republicans start believing that they need to keep things together better, they should take a gander over the fence into the neighbor’s yard. Then they’ll be certain that things are just fine at home. And, the next time Republicans start hearing how those church-going, gun toting, capitalist pro-lifers need to bring this country together, they need to take a gander over at the other side of the church aisle and see if this is really a family they want to marry (gay or straight) into.

Update: Thank you to Lori and “The Great” Polipundit for linking to this article!

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