Success in Elections

Sometime conservative, Andrew Sullivan, had a post on “How do we Judge Success?” from the Iraqi Elections. Here is what he came up with:

– Over 50 percent turnout among the Shia and Kurds

– Over 30 percent turnout for the Sunnis.

– No massive disruption of voting places;

– No theft of ballots.

– Fewer than 500 murdered.

First of all, I think that it is good that Andrew is laying out some criteria before the elections. Actually, this is quite brilliant as it will not allow the lefties to move the goal posts in the fourth quarter (as they have done throughout the Iraq War). However, his predictions are as tainted as his columns because of his reliance on the MSM and from his flip-flop on the Administration since the “Defense of Marriage Act” moved into the scene last year. He has been almost as effective for the left as Senator Zell Miller has has been for the right. I take that back… no one beats or comes close to Zell (and I don’t want to be challenged to a duel!) “Get your pistols” Miller. Anyway, I think that Andrew’s predictions are harsh. And, since I am a great fan of Iraq the Model and Chrenkoff I make my own optimistic (Why are Republicans the only Optimists any more?) predictions coming from a bloggers slant:


– Over 80% Kurd and Shia turnout

– Over 45% Sunni turnout

– A nation wide turn out over 70%

– Less than 50 deaths at polling places

– Shia gains less than 55%

– No Jimmy Carter to validate results!

Finally- I believe that regardless of the death and destruction, regardless of the turnout, regardless of how the left will spin this election and the results… I am so filled with hope, so filled with pride in my country, pride in my military, pride in the few who have had the courage to stand up and have a voice while knowing the danger they were in for doing so. I am proud of Allawi and his grace and courage and for the times he restrained himself when it would have been easier to lash out at his critics at home, in the Arab World, in Europe and even the democrats in the US. I am proud of our military who continue to do an outstanding job and who at times feel inadequately appreciated for all that they do and all that they sacrifice. I am proud of the brothers at Iraq the Model who continue to courageously stand in one voice, stand in one truth and stand in one freedom! God bless you all and God Bless Iraq!

Update: (2:57 PM CMT) I was just discussing the Iraqi Elections with my mother and we wondered as we watched FOX News how many Iraqis were already awake sitting around their tables drinking coffee and Excited for this great day.

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