Replacing Victimology

Anthony Bradley at the Acton Institute has an absolutely superb article about how MLK’s Dream does not jive with the messages from todays black leaders:

Expecting the best of blacks is futile in this line of thinking. Young blacks have been told their entire lives that they are victims and that the world is set against them. Victimology has done nothing but undermine the higher goal of living as men and women of dignity. As a result, many blacks treat themselves, others, their families, and their communities as though they are without dignity, thereby encouraging the nihilism reflected in broken families, drug abuse, violence, separatism, dependence, anti-intellectualism, and abortions. This is not what King had in mind.

He abhorred any attempt to communicate to blacks a “false sense of inferiority.” However, young blacks are told that they are so inferior that education standards will be lowered for them through discriminatory programs. For example, high-school graduation requirements are lowered in predominantly minority school districts and special programs are designed to get “inferior” blacks admitted to college and graduate school.

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