Repeat After Me- Propaganda Film

In the spring of 2004 Michael Moore released “Fahrenheit 911” a film designed to influence the 2004 presidential election. The production of this film used different techniques to paint the picture of a scheming, corrupt, and dishonest Bush Administration deceiving the world and the American populace about what really went on behind the terrorist attacks on 9-11 and the build up to the Iraq War.

Immediately the film was scrutinized about the falsehoods in content it was pushing as facts. One list of the Nine Lies of Fahrenheit 911 included:

1. Condoleezza Rice quotes taken out of context.

2. Misrepresenting the Bin Laden families exit from the country without being investigated.

3. Monies funneled through the Bin Laden family through James Baath to President Bush.

4. Misrepresenting closing veterans hospitals without mentioning that new ones were being built.

5. The Afghanistan War fought solely for the Unocal pipeline.

6. Saudi government investments in the US.

7. Bush family ties to the Bin Laden family through the Carlyle Group.

8. That the Bush Administration was sympathetic to the Taliban.

9. That Saddam never threatened to attack the US

This list does not even include the fake front-page newspaper headline from a midwestern paper that was never actually published but was pieced together for the movie.

Numerous articles have been written documenting the inaccuracies of “Fahrenheit 911” and a counter movie “Fahren-Hype 911” was even produced to counter the allegations of the Moore film.

Regardless of these allegations of deliberate deceit and deception in “Fahrenheit 911’ the mainstream media has consistently claimed the movie is a “documentary”. A documentary as defined by Webster’s dictionary is “factual, objective” or according to Britannica is a “fact based film”. What Michael Moore has produced with “Fahrenheit 911” is neither factual nor objective. It is pure propaganda (spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person). This is something that the MSM refuses to believe, accept or report.

Now in Israel, Palestinian filmmaker Muhammad Bakri has released “Jenin, Jenin”, a propaganda film about the alleged atrocities that occurred at the Jenin Refuge Camp in 2002. Since that time, investigations by human rights NGOs revealed — even to the UN’s satisfaction — that there had been no massacre or wanton destruction in Jenin and that the Palestinian claims were baseless. Yet, Bakri has put together a hit piece on Israel in Moore-ish fashion. The film has so enraged Israeli soldiers who were involved in the fighting that five of them, who are shown in still footage in the film, are now suing Bakri for libel.

So, because of the success of F-911, we are now seeing copycat propaganda productions, meant to do destruction not of Bush but of Israel. The fact that the MSM did not call Michael Moore’s film what it was- propaganda- allows this same tactic to change other historical events and to cause more deceit and confusion in this world. The cycle goes like this:

1. Michael Moore started the trend.

2. The mainstream media allows the deceit to go unchallenged.

3. The tactic is repeated.

This cycle must be stopped!

There is certainly nothing wrong with expressing opinions as is guaranteed by the Constitution as the left so frequently reminds us as if it is their “First Commandment”. Some Americans do, however, live by other commandments that they put on at least an equal playing field as free speech and that is “to not bare false witness against your neighbor” and that means to let people know when the facts are misrepresented. The MSM is not doing this with “Fahrenheit 911”.

The nominees for the 77th Annual Academy Awards will be announced soon. It is expected that Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” will be nominated for an award possibly “best picture”. The Hollywood set is still calling this hit piece “masterful” and “brilliant”. This is acceptable as it is their opinion. They also call it a “bold initiative”. This opinion is stretching the truth as this movie has hardly been challenged by the MSM. When they call Michael Moore “courageous” this is also acceptable as it is their opinion. His “courage” even got him a seat in the Democratic Convention Presidential Box and a free ride all year from the press.

However, when they call this movie a “documentary” it is a lie! It is a propaganda piece! And… Since the MSM is not willing to call this film what it is (fiction) I am whole-heartedly recommending that a campaign be started… Today… to start calling this movie what it is so that this dishonest cycle does not repeat itself again…and again…

“Fahrenheit 911” is a Propaganda Film.

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