People Want a Revote

According to an MSNBC Poll a majority (62%) of Washington Stater’s want a revote for governor. Meanwhile the smug Gregoire was sworn in on Wednesday and like the beauty contest winner whose father is the judge, she told the people of Washington:

“I believe the voters have given all of us a mandate — a mandate to overcome our differences, and to solve problems,” she said to a standing ovation — from Democrats.

This woman is sooo offensive! How dare she even mention “mandate” in a speech after her stolen victory. She really doesn’t have a clue! She did manage to reach out to a few admirers, though:


Parts of the speech that got vigorous applause from her supporters included references to the need to give pay raises to state employees and teachers.

Gregoire’s invited guests to the inaugural address included people who were key campaign supporters and recount backers, such as State Labor Council President Rick Bender and Charles Hasse, president of the Washington Education Association.

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