Passing the Bias Baton

CBS is looking for a replacement for Dan Rather after bloggers backed him into a corner over his bogus National Guard documents. CBS is looking at Katie Couric as a possible replacement:

…Katie Couric A network source tells TIME the Today show co-anchor has been approached about the job. If she could be persuaded to jump, CBS would have to wait 16 months–when her NBC contract is up. But the network could name an old hand like Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer or Early Show host Harry Smith as a caretaker until then.

That’s right! The same K. Couric who pulled out the fangs in her infamous catfight with Ann Coulter:


Despite vowing she “didn’t want to go tit for tat”, the $65 million cohost of NBC’s popular morning show did just that, sparring vigorously with the media-savvy Coulter.

Coulter was on the show to hawk her new book, Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right, which just happens to accuse Couric of liberal bias and calls her “the affable Eva Braun of morning television.”

Before the 12-minute Q&A, Couric noted that Coulter had been referred to as “a right-wing telebimbo.” Not long thereafter, Couric challenged Coulter’s description.

Couric: “You call me the ‘Eva Braun’ of liberalism–“

“Affable,” interjected Coulter.

“Thanks…that makes me feel soooo much better,” replied Couric, her trademark grin giving way to a scowl.

Couric also took Coulter to task for claiming the Today host called Ronald Reagan “an airhead.” Couric vehemently denied it, saying it was Regan biographer Edmund Morris, not her, who made the remark. Couric said she was just quoting Morris. “You used me an example of liberal bias against Ronald Reagan. I’m just wondering why you took that out of context.”

“Well, I don’t think I did,” responded Coulter. “You’re taking it out of context.”

“No, I’m not,” snapped Couric.

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