Oil and Water

What a night at the People’s Choice Awards! Another defining moment for our country. Another night to make things perfectly clear that there is a “Red” and a “Blue” America. The lefties are feeling great tonight. Michael Moore’s Anti-American, Anti-Bush, Anti-Military, Anti-Arab propaganda piece “Fahrenheit 911” won the People’s Choice Award for best movie. Michael managed to cut, paste and spin enough material to get the French at Cannes, the Hollywood Elite and the Democratic Party Leaders to stand in ovation for 60 plus minutes. The movie was so loved by the left that terrorist leaders from the Middle East, communists from China (the first American “documentary” ever allowed to be shown on the mainland) and Fidel Castro and his brother all wished it to be aired through their government controlled media outlets. (They think the flick is so “campy” because it can be shown during re-indoctrination sessions at the prison camps!) A wonderful night for leftists everywhere! It took less effort and less fraudulent voters to win the award than it did to get them to vote in East St. Louis. And, it took less dead people for the lefties to vote online than it did to get them to vote in Washington State to make it all happen. Michael Moore even added some humor to his acceptance speech when he dedicated the award to the troops in Iraq.

The “Passion of the Christ” also won tonight for best drama. This is a movie that is ranked number 9 on the all time box office charts. (Fahrenheit is not listed in the top 100 even though it has received more free publicity that any other film in history.) This movie was made with a limited budget. It was attacked repeatedly before it was released. It was called too gruesome even though the same critics were giving rave reviews to “Kill Bill”. It was panned and called Anti-semitic. If a Hollywood leftist (I know that’s redundant!) would have produced the movie, it would have had the Halliburton employees instead of Romans crucify Christ. It has been left off of the Hollywood awards lists. The critics said that America would hate it and that the movie would fail. The director had to fork out his own money to get the movie released. When the movie became a smash hit the director was attacked for being greedy by the same people who said the movie would fail (isn’t it funny how the left always projects their faults and intentions on conservatives?). The movie was a great success and a moving tribute to Christ’s final days. So the Christ lovers in America won tonight, too. America won when one courageous God fearing man decied to risk his career and go ahead with this idea.

Tonight, the lefties finally won. Their backers in Paris, Beijing, and Havana nod with approval. Let them celebrate!

And, this year, America wins! Because in making The Passion of Christ , Mel Gibson wins, Christians win, and we all win. Let us all celebrate!

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