Moving Goal Posts

As I predicted on November 28th, in the post titiled “Read Between the Lines”, the elections in Iraq would be a success and the “world left” predicatably including the Europeans, the BBC, the terrorosits, Al Quada, the US democrats, the Palestinians would move the goal posts further down the field as they have this entire Iraq campaign. The transition in Iraq to a democratic and free society is taking place in roughly the same time frame as Afghanistan in remarkable historic fashion. But this has never been enough for the left as they only see occupation and only report destruction. Here are some of their previous declarations:

– There will be hundreds of thousands of lost inoocent lives

– Ther will be thousands of US military casuaties

– There was no connection between Iraq and Al Quaeda

– The oil fields will be destroyed

– The war campaign will last for months or years

– The transition of power to Iraqi hands will never take place on time

And finally, keep an eye on these last predictions of the left to fail as well:

– Elections will not happen on time

– The turnout will be low

– The Sunnis will not turn out to vote

– Iraq is terribly divided into ethnic divisions

So, when will the left apologize?… Don’t hold your breath.

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