More on St. Louis Election-Fraud-Murder-Obstruction Investigation

More on the Democrat Vote Fraud Investigation from the Post Dispatch:

…Candidates and others raised vote fraud allegations following the November election. Republican County Board member Steve Reeb, who lost the race for St. Clair County Board Chairman, was one of them.

Without East St. Louis votes, Reeb had a lead of 52 percent to 48 percent over his Democratic opponent, Mark Kern, and a 4,000-vote edge. After East St. Louis was included, the numbers reversed. Reeb said at the time that he believed the election numbers were fishy.


Ellis, 55, of East St. Louis, came under a spotlight publicly when FBI agents raided City Hall on Nov. 23 and took from his office computer hard drives, boxes of files and his lizard-skin briefcase. He’s a Democrat precinct committeeman with ties to other leaders in the city.

According to his indictment, within two days of learning about the witness’s contact with authorities, Ellis worked on a plan to plant one-half ounce of crack cocaine on the witness and have her arrested. Conversations between Ellis and an undisclosed person were apparently recorded. The talk shifted from a set-up to Ellis’ alleged instructions to “dispose of her.”

The other person showed Ellis a photograph “depicting what appeared to be the murdered” witness, the indictment states. The other person told Ellis, falsely, she was thrown to the bottom of Horseshoe Lake in Madison County.

According to the indictment, Ellis also tried to corruptly influence several witnesses to invoke their right to remain silent when they appeared before a grand jury in November. For all this alleged activity, including the attempted murder accusations, he faces four charges of obstruction of justice.

As others have reported about this story (Polipundit, Michelle Malkin, Powerline) could you imagine if Ellis would have been Republican? This story would be on the front of every major newspaper in the country. The New York Times would finally have their story to replace Abu Ghraib. And, CNN would be set up outside his home.

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