More Hazing

I would not make light of this if I truly thought that this was serious torture… But these reports that just came out about British Soldiers are EXACTLY what is done during our college fraternity initiations:

According to the charge sheet, obtained by the Financial Times, the three men, aged between 25 and 33, are accused of simulating violence against unidentified detainees, of driving a bound man around in a fork-lift truck and of forcing naked male detainees to simulate the performance of sexual acts.

I wonder if they had to put a raw egg in their mouths, too? Or if they were forced to do sit ups after midnight? Has anyone heard if they had mashed potatoes squished in their pants? My God! What is this world coming to?


But, OH MY, the western media would make you think that they were cutting out tongues or something. What’s next? Did the soldiers force the inmates to do karaoke? The madness!!!

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