Mandate? What Stinkin' Mandate!

Senator Harry Reid and the other (42… or is it, 43?) democrat senators are trying to persuade the press today that “there is no stinkin’ mandate!”

Sorry, Harry! To explain…

Assuming 62% of the eligible voting population voted in this latest election, that means that there is another 38% of the eligible voting population that did not vote. These individuals, by not voting, are basically saying, I give my vote to the individual who wins. Yes, they might be saying ‘I don’t care’, but basically their action shows that they don’t care enough to make a stand either way (either Democrat or Republican). Therefore, these individuals have made the choice to go along with the majority and have, by not voting, voted for the party that wins.


(Also, we should point out that the population of eligible voters does include those dead individuals from East St Louis, the felons from Washington, the scattered ballots found behind the various ballot boxes across the country who did vote but were really not eligible. Granted on a national basis their votes are not material, but on a local basis (i.e. East St Louis), their votes may be material.)

Anyways, if 52% of the population who did vote cast their vote for Bush and 62% of the eligible voters voted, then 32% of the eligible voters (52% times 62%) voted for Bush. And, using the same logic, 48% of the eligible voters who voted, or 30% (38% times 62%) voted for Kerry. This means that Bush received a mandate of 70% (32% of the voters who voted for Bush and 38% of the non voters who gave their vote to the winner – Bush) compared to Kerry who received 30%. 70% is a mandate. It is HUGE!

big thanks to joe for the figures

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