Iraqi Bloggers Attacked

Sarah Boxer at the New York Times does an absolutely awful and dangerous piece about the Iraqi bloggers at Iraq the Model. She repeats all of the insane accusations from the left about how they must work for the CIA because they are, after all, Iraqis and they are, after all, pro-USA and also because as several immature and not so bright liberal bloggers assumed that the CIA Tech Solutions that hosts their blog (and other Iraqi blogs some that are anti-USA) is run by the CIA. Of course, we all know that the CIA advertises their name whenever they have an undercover operation going on. Miss Boxer (still unclear if she is a relative of Barbara Boxer the liberal crying senator from California) by insisting that the brothers are on the CIA payroll put their lives in danger of being murdered by some of the crazies over on that side of the world. Of course, why would she care as she is probably out having lunch with friends at some swank New York Cafe celebrating with her friends her big story in the Times. What a rag!

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