Iraq the Model Responds

After Sarah Boxer’s hit piece against the “Iraq the Model” brothers, Mohammed responds:

One short look at the “article” shows how naïve the writer was and how old the methods used in writing this post are. This post has fixed another nail in the casket of the gasping media.

I won’t be exaggerating if I said that I find a close resemblance between the ways of the media and those of terror in dealing with events; both are using ugly and cheap maneuvers to get attention. These methods could be even horrible and dangerous but never convincing.

It doesn’t seem that the media is working hard to catch up with time and progress; at least the performance says so.


Miss Boxer not only defamed the pro-US Iraqi bloggers she put them in danger with her words from her comfortable desk at the Times. If you would like to contact Miss Boxer she can be reached at the New York Times ([email protected])

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