Iraq Election Success Update

I woke up this morning and eagerly flipped on the TV to see how the elections in Iraq were going. It was 8:20 US CMT so the polls in Iraq were just closing and here is what was being reported:

MSNBC– There are reports of 70% voter turnout but this seems a bit high. The polling places in western Baghdad and Sadr City did not seem that crowded…

CNN– The insurgency will still have strength….and, they’re surprised their numbers have dropped(see previous postTed loses it and so did Hitler)???


FOX News– The elections are a great success. 72% turnout. Those waiting in line are still being allowed to vote…

And, later from Shep Smith… The highest turnout in US history was 63% in the 1960 US Presidential Elections. This compares to 72% turnout today in Iraq where the people are literally voting and risking their lives. Some notables- In Fallujah they were lining up in lines 1,000 people long to vote in this troubled area. In Sadr City there were lines of 3,000+ people waiting to vote in this dangerous area. Reports from the Abu Ghraib where they had closed the polls… We have seen from drones in the air that the people there are walking 13 miles to the nearing polling place since no cars are allowed to be driven today. In southern and northern Iraq there are reports of 95% voter turnout!

See why people choose FOX News, it’s not just fair and balanced but it is Optimistic and Positive.

Update: The BBC has a very negative slant to their post today.

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