Inside the Boarding House- More ESL Voter Fraud

So, maybe you were wondering about the Boarding House owned by Democratic Committeeman Oliver Hamilton that keeps being mentioned in the East St. Louis voter fraud saga…

Meanwhile, a St. Clair County grand jury is probing whether the mentally ill tenants of a boarding home at 1232 Cleveland Ave., in East St. Louis, were induced into committing voting fraud.

On Tuesday (January 4,2005), St. Clair County sheriff’s deputies showed up at the boarding house, which is owned by Oliver Hamilton, the Democratic committeeman for Precinct 20.


The deputies served subpoenas to 13 men and women who voted absentee in the Nov. 2 election and who are registered to vote from that address.

Bob Haida, the county state’s attorney, declined to state whether the vote fraud probe will extend to other boarding homes for the mentally ill — including one at 1714 Bond Ave., East St. Louis, that is owned by Charles Powell, the Democratic committeeman for Precinct 9 and chairman of the city’s Democratic Central Committee.

“Without getting into any other specific locations,” Haida said, “we would be looking at specific patterns of absentee voting, or voting in general or registration patterns that would indicate possible illegality.”

Over the years, scores of residents at the boarding homes owned by Hamilton and Powell have been registered to vote.

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