Ballroom Dancing

As the rest of the world celebrates, CNN has first a segment with an “expert” who calls the Iraqi campaign a disaster… until today, of course. Then, the next segment shows a US soldier who sadly lost his leg in combat and who talks about his fiance wanting to take ballroom dancing lessons. Not, that there is anything wrong with this piece on the heroic soldier, I just question the timing of the piece. It seems like when something goes well for the US, for the military, for Iraq and for Bush, the left has to remind everyone of the tragedies of the war. No wonder their ratings and their candidates are flopping. You just get tired of their view, all of them…. I was working out at the YMCA, of course, when I was forced to watch this negative US bash. I had to talk with the staff (again) about why they have the channels set where they do and they gave me some rug-a-muh-roo about how coporate office…blah, blah, blah…sets the policy…blah, blah. I asked to talk with the supervisor who was not there but will be back during the week. So, I have decided to “Michael Moore” or “60 Minute” there ass and bring a camera with me when I talk with the supervisor… Or, maybe, I should let it go.

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