Al-Jazeera Says US Behind Terrorist Attacks

A captured Libyan terroroist Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad says in his interview on Al-Fayhaa TV (Iraq) on January 24, 2005 that the Americans are behind the terroroist attacks because Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya Arab Television networks said the Americans were behind the terrorist attacks:

Interviewer: And on the basis of the Banghazi sheiks’ fatwa, you decided to go on Jihad in Iraq?

Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: Yes. We did not come to kill innocent Iraqis.


Interviewer: 90% of those killed by car bombs are Iraqis, and only 10% involve foreigners. In one case, one American and 99 Iraqis were killed.

Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: But in the news they tell you that these are American operations. The Americans are behind this. They say the Americans are behind this.

Interviewer: And you are completely convinced it is the Americans?

Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: That’s what they say on the news.

Interviewer: Because of the media?

Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: Yes.

Interviewer: What media?

Muhammad Abd Al-Hadi Muhammad: Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya.

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