A Closer Look at "Swamp Dog"

if you are just checking in on the East St. Louis Voter Fraud Story, it would be best if you scrolled down to the “Vote or Die- East St. Louis Style” post and work your way back up…

So who is Former Democratic committeeman from Precinct 42, Marvis “Swamp Dog” Bownes?

Marvis “Swamp Dog” Bownes can’t start his new life in prison soon enough, at least as far as Rosie Stringer is concerned.


Stringer, 54, bought her crumbling house at 817 N. 42nd St. from Bownes more than three years ago for $55,000 — or more than a dozen times its fair market value.

For Bownes, the sale to Stringer meant a windfall. Just three months before, he had bought the house and two others in East St. Louis for a total of $18,800…

…Diane Thompson, a staff attorney for the Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation of East St. Louis, said she was glad to see Bownes put out of business because he was, by far, the area’s biggest property flipper. He bought decrepit properties for very little, conned buyers with cosmetic fixes or promises of repairs and defrauded lenders by providing documents claiming the houses were worth the greatly inflated prices and that the borrowers had solid credit histories.

Former Democratic precinct committeeman Marvis “Swamp Dog” Bownes was sentenced to 17 years in prison in October 2003 after pleading guilty to federal charges of defrauding banks in a property flipping scam.

So,… what what can we learn from the “Swamp Dog” story?

1. “Swamp Dog” swindles money from the poor with bad credit ratings in East St. Louis.

2. “Swamp Dog” donates time and money to democrat party as a committeeman.

3. Poor people in East St. Louis vote democrat.

4. “Swamp Dog” goes to prison.

5. Poor people in East St. Louis vote democrat.

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